Morphophysiological parameters of mice (Mus musculus) testicles supplemented with royal jelly

A.C.T. Morais L.P. Barbosa M.M. Neves S.L.P. Matta D.B. Morais B.E.S. Melo About the authors

The effects of royal jelly on the morphophysiological parameters of mice (Mus musculus) testicles were studied. Fifty-eight male Swiss mice were evaluated. They were four-month old and were randomly distributed in six treatments: T1: physiological solution, intraperitonial route; T2: 0.1mg of royal jelly, intraperitonial route; T3: 0.2mg of royal jelly, intraperitonial route; T4: distilled water, orally; T5: 0.1mg of royal jelly, orally; and T6: 0.2mg of royal jelly, orally. After 45 days of supplementation with royal jelly, the animals were weighted, slaughtered, and the testicles collected, included in paraffin, and stained with haematoxylin-eosin. No differences among treatments were observed for: body and testicular weights, gonadossomatic index, tubular diameter, epithelial height, total length of seminiferous tubules, tubular length per testicle gram, tubulossomatic and leydigossomatic indexes and the value of volumetric proportion related to tunic, seminiferous epithelium, blood vessel, and lymphatic vessel. Differences between T1 and T3 about the seminiferous tubules and intertubular space were found.

mice; Mus musculus; royal jelly; testicle; morphometry

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