Oocyte aspiration and in vitro embryo production in Jersey cows with selenium-supplemented diet

Aspiração de oócitos e produção de embriões in vitro de vacas Jersey suplementadas com selênio na dieta

G.V. Moraes J.R. Azevedo T.C. Carneiro F.L.B. Cavalieri M. Mataveli R.M. Rossi T.C. Santos About the authors

The effects of selenium (Se) in Jersey cows' diet on the aspiration of oocytes and production of embryos in vitro were studied. Groups with five Jersey cows received 3.2mg or 9.6mg Se daily, provided in the feed concentrate. Six follicular aspirations were carried out every 15 days, using only the last 5. The oocytes were classified, and standard procedures were carried out for maturation, fertilization and cultivation. The total number of oocytes (35.11±2.65 vs 23.10±2.16) and degree 1 oocytes (11.61±2.65 vs 4.75±0.97) were higher in the group that received 9.6mg Se and the quantity of naked oocytes (3.23±0.87 vs 6.22±1.18) was lower in this group. The aspirated oocytes from the cows treated with 9.6mg Se/day resulted in higher (P<0.05) embryo production 21.98±2.37 vs 13.12±1.59). No difference was observed in serum Se concentration between the two groups. It is recommended that the daily diet be supplemented with 100g mineral salt containing 9.6mg Se, since this rate rendered a larger production of oocytes, higher quantity of degree 1 oocytes and greater production of embryos in the process of in vitro fertilization.

cattle dairy; antioxidant; glutathione peroxidase; in vitro fertilization; oocyte quality

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