Replacement of corn by low tannin sorghum in pig diets: digestibility and metabolism

An experiment was carried out to evaluate metabolic and digestive effects replacement of corn by sorghum in pig diets. Twelve half brothers barrows weighing 40.8kg and housed in metabolic cages in a completely randomized design with three treatments (T1 = control diet; T2 = replacement of 50% corn by sorghum and T3 = replacement of 100%) with four replicates. Crude protein and gross energy the digestibilities were 5% and 4% higher (P<0.05), respectively, for pigs fed 50% of corn replacement diet, in comparison with the diet where corn was totally replaced by sorghum. Total replacement of corn by sorghum diets decreased (P<0.05) the digestibilities, in comparison to control diet, in 3% for DM, 8% for CP and 5% for GE. Fecal N was 25% higher (P<0.05), absorbed N was 10% lower (P<0.05), and the fecal excretion energy was 15% higher (P<0.05) for total substitution diet in comparison to control diet. Fecal excretion and absorption of nitrogen are negatively influenced by total replacement of corn by sorghum in the diets. Replacements of up to 50% of corn by sorghum in pig diets do not affect the digestibility diet and metabolism of animals.

nitrogen; energy; nutrition; alternative ingredient

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