Generalized systemic cryptococcosis in a dog after immunosuppressive corticotherapy

Criptococose sistêmica generalizada em cão após corticoterapia imunossupressora

A male Boxer dog aged 2 years and 11 months was referred to the veterinary hospital with a history of a gastrointestinal disorder of two months duration, with apathy, hyporexia, progressive weight loss and visual deficit. Ataxia and vocalization were observed during hospitalization. The animal had been treated previously with antibiotics and immunosuppressive doses of corticoids to control chronic inflammatory bowel disease. The dog died five days later. Gross and microscopic observations indicated systemic cryptococcosis. The alimentary tract, eyes, brain, kidneys, pancreas and lymph nodes were involved.

dog; generalized criptococcosis; Criptococcus neoformans; corticotherapy

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