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Histopathological and ultrastructural characteristics of myeloid leukosis in broiler chicken

Características histopatológicas e ultraestruturais da leucose mielóide em galinhas de linhagem pesada

R.M. Manzan M.R. Baccaro A.J.P. Ferreira I.L. Sinhorini A.M. Moreno About the authors

An ultrastructural and histological study was performed to determine the degree of differentiation of the neoplastic cells. The histological study revealed neoplastic cells with pleomorphism, oval nuclei, prominent nucleoli, irregularly distributed chromatin, atypical mitotic figures and moderate amount of cytoplasm containing spherical eosinophilic granulations, typical features of the myeloid lineage. Ultrastructurally, there were cells with an electron-dense, oval and voluminous nucleus, with predominant euchromatin and cytoplasm containing many spherical, electron-dense and homogeneous granules, indicative of myelocytes with differentiation to eosinophils. Type-C viral particles were also seen in the intercellular space of renal tubules and inside the intracytoplasmic vesicles of immature myelocytes in the bone marrow and ovary. PCR was positive to ALV-J.

chicken; avian leukosis; avian oncovirus; histopathology; ultrastructure

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