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Cytochemical and morphological aspects of blood cells from Bothrops and Crotalus kept in captivity in the serpentarium of the Institute Vital Brazil


Breeding of venomous snakes in captivity is becoming increasingly widespread in the country, so clinical and management knowledge on these animals has become priority to increase survival of animals. Regarding venomous snakes, hematological data have been described in some studies; however, despite the resources used, data analyzed are still unrecognized. Aiming to characterize morphology of blood cells and clarify morphological and functional differences, blood samples were collected from 50 snakes belonging to the Instituto Vital Brazil squad. Blood smears were prepared and analyzed by optical microscopy and cytochemistrically, stained by Romanowsky and cytochemical methods. Cell differentiation was possible as well as characterization and confirmation of eosinophil in B. atrox and C. durissus. In conclusion, cell characterization can provide vital evidence to the understanding of the physiology of snakes.

cytochemistry; eosinophil; snakes

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