Growth and survival of Carassius auratus larvae fed commercial micro diets

P. Rema J. Martins About the authors

A 21-day growth trial was performed to evaluate two ornamental fish larvae commercial diets and the effect of mineral and vitamin supplementation of the same commercial microdiets on growth and survival of goldfish larvae (Carassius auratus). A total of 4,800 larvae were randomly distributed in 24 groups of 200 individuals. Each group was housed in a 5L tank, connected to a recirculating water system. Four groups were assigned to a fastening control. The animals in these groups did not receive any food. The remaining 20 groups were distributed in five treatments, in quadruplicate. The animals of each treatment were fed one of five experimental diets: R (reference), C1 (SERA vipan® baby), C2 (SERA® microgran), C1v, and C2v (C1 and C2, respectively, reinforced with minerals and vitamins). At the end of the trial, high survival and growth rates were observed in R treatment. There were significant differences in total length and total weight among dietary treatments. Considering the high survival and growth rates of goldfish larvae obtained with the reference diet, it can be concluded that the two commercial diets tested, with or without mineral and vitamin supplements, do not seem suitable for feeding goldfish larvae.

goldfish; Carassius auratus; growth; survival; microdiets

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