Sensitivity profile of planktonic and sessile cells of Escherichia coli to antimicrobial used in the treatment of bovine mastitis

J.C.M. Costa I.F. Espeschit F.A. Pieri I.A. Carvalho M.A.S. Moreira About the authors

Escherichia coli is a highly adaptive microorganism. Its ability to form biofilms may be critical for resistance to antimicrobial treatments. Evaluation of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) has been used to check the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics, however, when evaluating sessile cells, the required antibiotic concentration to eradicate biofilm is greater than determined by MIC. This study aimed to compare MIC with minimum biofilm eradication concentration (MBEC) of antimicrobials used in mastitis treatment in 27 E. coli biofilm producers isolates from mastitis. Isolates were tested for sensitivity to antimicrobials used in mastitis treatment, for both planktonic cells (by CMI) and sessile cells (by MBEC). The results revealed high sensitivity: only four (14.8%) isolates showed high MIC values, ranging from 4 to 10g/mL and they were classified as resistant. All other isolates (85.2%) showed lower values, ranging from 0.125 to 2mg/mL, and they were classified as sensitive. Evaluation of MBEC indicated that concentration of antimicrobial needed to remove sessile cells ranged from 100mg/mL to 500mg/mL. MBEC values were significantly higher in large and moderate biofilm producers isolates regarding weak biofilm producers isolates (p<0.001). There was no correlation between MBEC and CMI values (p>0.05). The correct choice of antimicrobial therapy for treatment of mammary infections in cattle related to biofilm production seems to require application of more specific tests. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing based only on MIC values proved ineffectiveness to accurately determination the susceptibility of sessile bacterial cells.

cattle; milk; resistance; Gram negative bacterium

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