Serum determination of troponin I in dogs with ST deviation by chemiluminescent

In order to investigate myocardial cells injury, 38 dogs were evaluated, being 20 with a normal electrocardiogram (group 1) and 18 with ST segment elevation or depression (group 2), recorded in lead II, at paper speed of 50 mm/sec and N sensibility (1 mV = 1cm). Serum measurement of troponin I (cTnI) in group 1 was determined to obtain reference values (ng/mL). These values were compared to those obtained in dogs from group 2, to confirm or not myocardial injury. Mean cTnI values in groups 1 and 2 were 0.16ng/mL (SD±0.11ng/mL) and 0.20ng/mL (SD±0.11ng/mL), respectively. Three cTnI null values were found in group 1. cTnI was not related to age, mass, CK-T or serum potassium concentration in both animal groups, for each level varied in the group. There was no difference in cTnI values between groups 1 and 2. In conclusion, it is possible to use the human chemiluminescent immunometric assay kit in canine species and hypoxia/ischemia revealed by ST segment deviation does not mean significant myocardium injury.

dog; troponin I; Dogs; ST segment; electrocardiography

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