Haemogram and proteinogram of healthy agouti (Dasyprocta sp.) raised in captivity: influence of gender and age

E.E.A. Ribeiro M.C.S. Batista M.A.M. Carvalho J.A.L. Silva About the authors

The profiles of hemogram and proteinogram of healthy agouti (Dasyprocta sp.) grown in captivity, in Piauí State, Brazil, were determined, as well as the influence of gender and age factors and the relationship between sex-age them. A completely randomized design was used in a factorial arrange 2x4, two genders and four ages, totaling 24 animals. The mean values of the hemogram were: erythrocytes = 6.51±0.83 (x10(6)); hematocrit = 43.58±3,41%; hemoglobin = 12.71±1,04g/dl; mean corpuscular volume = 64.61±7.52μl; mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration = 29.19±1,61%; platelets= 150.08±63.39 (x10³/μl); white blood cells = 7.24±2.52 (x10³/μl); basophils = 0.11±0,2 (x10³/μl); eosinophils = 0,32±0,2 (x10³/μl); neutrophils = 2.5±1,22 (x10³/μl); lymphocytes = 3.58±1.52 (x10³/μl); and monocytes = 0.76±0.47 (x10³/μl). The mean values of the proteinogram were: total serum proteins = 6.04±1.77g/dl; albumin = 2.07±0.79g/dl and globulin = 3.97±1.54g/dl. Neither gender nor age influenced the results of the studied parameters. Association between gender and age was not verified. The values of lymphocytes were lower in older animals.

agouti; Dasyprocta sp.; hemogram; protein

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