Digestible threonine requirements for quail meat from 15 to 35 days of age

The digestible threonine (DThr) requirements for meat quails (Coturnix coturnix sp) during growing phase from 15 to 35 days of age were estimated, using 1,020 quails with 15 days of age, of both sexes, distributed in a completely randomized design, with six levels of digestible threonine - 0.93; 1.00; 1.07; 1.14; 1.21 and 1.28% in diet, five replications and 34 quails per experimental unit. There was no effect on performance variables, carcass yield and chemical composition and nitrogen balance with the studied increase in digestible threonine levels. There was a linear increase in threonine intake andfeed cost per kilogram of body weight gain with increasing levels of digestible threonine. It was concluded that the best level of threonine evaluated was sufficient to meet the requirements of meat quails, in the period from 15 to 35.

body composition; carcass yield; quail; nitrogen balance; performance; synthetic aminoacids

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