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Multicentric lymphoma with metastasis in the central nervous system in a dog

Linfoma multicêntrico com metástase no sistema nervoso central em cão

K.P. Aptekmann C.E. Okamoto K.C.H. Campos R.K. Takahira About the authors

Multicentric lymphoma was diagnosed in a two-year-old dog with respiratory distress, dysorexia, abdominal enlargement and generalized lymphadenopathy. Immunohistochemical examination showed T-cell origin with CD3+ e CD79- expression. After five weeks, progressive neurological deficits and neoplastic lymphocytes were identified in the cerebrospinal fluid. Histopathological examination showed neoplastic cell invasion in the spleen, lymph nodes, cerebrum and cerebellum.

dog; lymphoma; central nervous system

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