Quality of corpus luteum and embryo of Santa Inês ewes superovulated with FSH associated with rbST

I.M. Rocha do Nascimento A. Sousa Júnior M.A. Castelo Branco Y.N.T. Carvalho L.H.C.M. Mota S.B. Ferreira I.O.T Souza F.J. Moraes Júnior T.M. Leal J.A.T. Souza About the authors

We evaluate the effect of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) on the quality of the corpus luteum and embryo and on the concentration of progesterone (P4) in donors embryo sheep Santa Ines. 13 donors were used, randomly assigned to two groups, G1 (n=7) and G2 (n=6). In both groups, the donors were synchronized with vaginal implant for 14 days and received 100µg of PGF2α (Ciosin®) on the seventh day and were superovulated, from the 12th day, with 250IU of FSH (Folltopin-V®) in six decreasing doses. On the day of implant removal the donor G2 received 125mg of rbST (Boostin®), and were covered by Santa Inês male every 12 hours until the end of estrus. In the sixth day after the first mating were evaluated by laparoscopy, superovulatory response and the amount and quality of the corpus luteum. After the evaluations, the embryonic harvests were performed by laparotomy. The administration of rbST in superovulation protocol promoted a significant increase (P <0.05) in the number of corpus luteum of type I(9.00 x 5.28) and embryo quality (4.33 x 2.00).

sheep; embryo; GH

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