Quantification of hydroxyproline as an index of quality for frankfurter sold in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The purpose of this work was to estimate the collagen content of frankfurters by hydroxyproline quantification. Frankfurters were produced at small, medium and large plants, according to the target market (local, regional and national). Determination of hydroxyproline was made by colorimetric method. The results showed that the frankfurters had different standards in the manufacturing, since the collagen content was statistically different. Samples from the medium size industry presented the lowest collagen content (0.45%), followed by samples from the large size plant (0.64%). Frankfurters from the small size industry had the highest collagen content (0.89%). These data showed that this analytical procedure can be used for quality classification of frankfurter based on collagen content.

Frankfurter; collagen; hydroxyproline

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