Genetic correlations and heritability estimates of reproductive traits of Nellore bulls

T.S. Silveira J.B. Siqueira L.R. Sarmente J.P. Eler R.A. Torres S.E.F. Guimarães T. Miranda Neto J.D. Guimarães About the authors

Estimates of phenotypic, genetics and residual variances for reproductive traits in 5903 Nellore bulls were obtained. The experimental model used was multiple trait derivative-free restricted maximum likelihood. The values obtained for heritability were 0.24±0.05 for scrotal circumference at 450 days of age and 0.37±0.05 at 21 months for age at the time of the breeding soundness evaluation; 0.24±0.05 and 0.26±0.05 for left and right testicle length; 0.29±0.05 and 0.31±0.05 for left and right testicle width; 0.12±0.04 for testicle format; 0.33±0.06 for testicle volume; 0.11±0.03 for gross motility; 0.08±0.03 for individual motility and 0.05±0.02 for spermatic vigor; 0.20±0.04, 0.03±0.02 and 0.19±0.04 for larger defects, smaller defects and total defects, respectively. The values for heritability for testicular biometric characteristics were moderate to high while the seminal characteristics, presented low values. Genetic correlations between scrotal circumference with all the reproductive traits were favorable, suggesting the scrotal circumference as a feature of choice in the selection of bulls.

Nelore; breeding soundness evaluation; heritability

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