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Isolation of Campylobacter jejuni from ovine aborted fetus: case report

A.C. Vargas M. Cecim L.R. Viana D.A. Spricigo M.M. Costa About the authors

Campylobacter jejuni was isolated from aborted ovine fetus at the end of gestation. Three abortion cases within a week and another fourth case one month later were observed. Immediately after the third case, one fetus was submitted to necropsy and samples from abomasal content were collected for bacteriological analysis. At necropsy, only post-mortem and autolytic lesions were observed. Under microaerophilic conditions, a pure bacterial growth was obtained and identified by morphological and tintorial characteristics as Campylobacter sp., being the isolate confirmed as C. jejuni, by phenotypic and molecular assays. This is an alert for the possibility of this pathogen cause abortion in ovine.

ovine; Campylobacter jejuni; abortion; PCR

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