Mature Nellore cow size and its effect on beef cattle production system

E.D. Rocha V.J. Andrade K. Euclides Filho E. Nogueira G.R. Figueiredo About the authors

Twenty Nellore mature cows and their calves were individually fed to determine the effects of frame size, weight and body condition on the production system efficiency. Means for different traits were: hip height (1.40±0.04m), withers height (1.40±0.03m), heart girth (1.84±0.04m), body length (1.38±0.13m), body surface area (4.60m²) and body weight (442.70±29.9kg). Phenotypic correlations between different size traits ranged from medium to high magnitude. Body surface was highly correlated to all traits measured. The body weight variation suggested that this trait should be evaluated along with other linear body measurement to determine the adequate animal body size.

bovine; body size; body surface; frame size; Nellore

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