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Asymmetric recession of the horizontal rectus muscles for correction alphabetical incomitance: case report

Alyne Borges Corrêa Tomás Fernando Scalamandré Mendonça About the authors

The authors report a case of 21-year-old man with divergent noncomitant strabismus, "V" pattern anisotropy, right inferior oblique muscle overaction and right superior oblique muscle hypofunction, which was performed under topical anesthesia an asymmetrical recession of the horizontal rectus muscles fibers to correct alphabetical incomitance. The immediate surgical outcome was considered very good (orthotropic, no "V" or "A" pattern), since the success was not obtained through conventional surgical technique.

Strabismus; exotropia; Strabismus; Oculomotor muscles; Ophthalmologic surgical procedures; Case reports

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