Knowledge on glaucoma prevention and treatment of patients in a hospital unit

Marcelo Jordão Lopes da Silva Edméa Rita Temporini Isaac Neustein Maria Emília Xavier Santos Araújo About the authors

PURPOSE: To verify information related to glaucoma and level of self-evaluation of knowledge about the disease, in order to help doctor-patient relationship and to stimulate the observance regarding treatment. METHODS: In the Provincial Public Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil, a cross-sectional survey was performed by applying a questionnaire. The variable "self-evaluation of the knowledge" was measured by an ordinal scale (to know well, to know more or less, to know badly and knowing nothing). RESULTS: The population was consisted of 405 patients with glaucoma; 72.6% female; mean age 66.17 years. Of those who "know well" about the control of the disease, 95.8% declared having received explanations (p <0.000); there was a larger proportion of patients who stated "know more or less" when compared to other groups (p <0.000); eye specialist as the source of information on glaucoma was mentioned by 50% of the patients. CONCLUSION: The patients' knowledge in regarding glaucoma was related to the level of received explanations. The level of knowledge about the disease was directly related to the educational level. This study confirms the need of maintenance of guide lines, continuous popularization of information on prevention, which would help to treat patients with this problem and improve visual prognosis.

Glaucoma; Glaucoma; Patient education; Public health; Blindness; Hospitals, public

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