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Culture of limbal stem cells of donor eyes

PURPOSE: Standardization of limbal stem cell culture of donor eyes from Eye Bank of the "Santa Casa de São Paulo". METHODS: a 4-mm² biopsy was taken from the remaning corneal-scleral ring of donor eyes, and cells obtained by dissociation were cultivated and incubated at 37° under 5% CO2 .The cells were observed during 21 days, evaluating their cell adhesion, morphology and multiplication. RESULTS: We observed cellular multiplication, morphology modification during 21 days, passing from round to polygonal form, as in vivo. CONCLUSION: This experiment showed that culture of human limbal stem cells in vitro can be performed.

Cultured cells; Epithelial cells; Limbus corneae; Corneal epithelium; Cell adhesion; Cornea; Cell transplantation

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