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Comparison of choroidal thickness in patients with active and stable thyroid eye disease

Comparação da espessura da coroide em pacientes com doença ocular tireoidiana ativa e estável

Adem Gul Ekrem Basural Hilal Eser Ozturk About the authors



To compare the choroidal thickness in active and stable phases of thyroid eye disease.


Forty-seven eyes of 47 patients with thyroid eye disease were prospectively studied. Patients were evaluated on the basis of their clinical activity scores, with scores 33 defined as active disease. Subfoveal, temporal macular, nasal macular, temporal peripapillary, and nasal peripapillary choroidal thickness measurements were performed with Cirrus enhanced depth imaging spectral-domain optical coherence tomography, and the results in the two groups were compared.


Twenty-four patients were int he active group, whereas 23 patients were in the stable group. Choroidal thickness was significantly higher in the subfoveal and temporal macular regions in the active group. Although the nasal macular and peripapillary values were also higher in the active group, the difference was insignificant.


Subfoveal choroidal thickness was significantly higher in patients with thyroid eye disease in the active phase than in those with stable phase disease.

Graves ophthalmopathy; Choroid/anatomy & histology; Tomography, optical coherence

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