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Retinal vasoproliferative tumor

Tumor vasoproliferativo da retina

Eduardo Ferrari Marback Ricardo Leitão Guerra Otacilio de Oliveira Maia Junior Roberto Lorens Marback About the authors

Retinal vasoproliferative tumor is a rare disease that has capillary hemangioma as the most frequent diferential diagnosis. The tumor is considered to be of reactive nature. It can be idiophatic or secondary to other ocular diseases such as: uveitis, retinitis pigmentosa, sickle cell disease, previous surgery and retinopathy of prematurity. Lesions with no exsudation or visual decrease can be observed. Lesions that need treatment can be managed by on or more modalities such as cryotherapy, a variety of lasers, surgical excision, radiation, and antiangiogenic intravitreal injections.

Retina; Retinal neoplasms; Retinal neoplasms; Retinal neoplasms

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