Case report: pneumatic retinopexy for the treatment of progressive retinal detachment in senile retinoschisis

Relato de caso: retinopexia pneumática no tratamento do descolamento de retina associado à retinosquise senil

Ana Claudia de F. Suzuki Leandro Cabral Zacharias Tatiana Tanaka Diego Neves Rocha Walter Y. Takahashi About the authors

Retinoschisis is an abnormal separation of the retinal layers and is asymptomatic in most cases. Enlargement of the area of retinoschisis and retinal tear and detachment are possible complications of the disease, and the treatment of retinoschisis is controversial. In this case report, we present a case of retinal detachment associated with senile retinoschisis in which pneumatic retinopexy was chosen as the treatment of choice and was performed successfully in one of the eyes. After a literature review on retinoschisis and pneumatic retinopexy for the treatment of associated retinal detachment, we found only one case that was successfully treated without drainage of subretinal fluid, using air as the filler. However, no previous reports have been found in the literature on the effectiveness of pneumatic retinopexy using C3F8 as the sole treatment for progressive retinal detachment in senile retinoschisis.

Retinoschisis; Retinal detachment/therapy; Ophthalmic surgical procedures; Fluorocarbon/therapeutic use; Case reports

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