Unilateral pediatric cataract surgery

Adriana Maria Drummond Brandão Márcia Beatriz Tartarella About the authors

PURPOSE: To analyze the results in a series of children submitted to unilateral cataract surgery. METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted through the analysis of 35 patient files from the Congenital Cataract Service of UNIFESP/EPM. RESULTS: The main cause of unilateral cataract was idiopathic, the second cause was ocular trauma and the third cause was congenital rubella. Initial visual acuity was very poor in 51.4% of the cases (did not fix or follow), and the best corrected final visual acuity was better than 20/200 in 42.8% of the eyes. DISCUSSION: Although controversial, the surgical treatment of unilateral cataract, in this study, showed improvement in many cases.

Cataract; Cataract extraction; Visual acuity; Vision tests; Prognosis; Treatment outcome; Child; Child, preschool

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