Visual rehabilitation with contact lenses after ocular trauma

Adamo Lui Netto Aline Cristina Fioravanti Lui Giovana Arlene Fioravanti Lui About the authors

Ocular trauma is an important cause of visual acuity loss worldwide. Visual recovery is related to anatomical integrity. The main causes of trauma are domestic and automobilist accidents, sports practice and chemical or thermic burns. Contact lens is indicated for visual rehabilitation in cases of corneal regular and irregular astigmatisms, anisometropic and aphakic patients and in cases of deep or superficial corneal opacities that do not affect the visual axis. Contact lens can be used in the post- trauma period for therapeutic and optical purposes. Rigid gas permeable contact lens, with a high permeability index, is the most used for optical purpose. Soft contact lens can be used immediately after trauma as therapy or later for optical correction in aphakic and anisometropic patients. In most cases contact lens is an important part of trauma treatment improving visual acuity in the majority of cases.

Eye injuries; Contact lens; Visual acuity

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