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Influence of aspheric intraocular lens on frequency doubling technology and contrast sensitivity: a fellow eye study

Influência da lente intraocular asférica na perimetria de frequência dupla e sensibilidade ao contraste: estudo contralateral


To evaluate whether implantation of an aspheric intraocular lens (IOL) results in reduced ocular aberrations and improved contrast sensitivity after cataract surgery and, therefore, changes on frequency-doubling technology (FDT) testing.


The present prospective clinical study enrolled 25 patients with bilateral cataract (50 eyes), who randomly received either an aspheric (Akreos AO) or a spherical (Akreos Fit) IOL in one eye and the other IOL in the second eye. Assessment 12 months postoperatively included photopic and mesopic contrast sensitivity testing. Higher-order aberrations (HOAs) were computed. FDT testing was divided into four areas to evaluate the variation of the values at different points. The median values of the local pattern thresholds (median area contrast sensitivity [MACS]) obtained with that division were calculated.


The Akreos AO group obtained statistically significantly lower values of HOAs and spherical aberration compared with the Akreos Fit group. There was a statistically significant between-group difference in contrast sensitivity under mesopic conditions at all spatial frequencies. No statistically significant differences were observed in mean deviation and pattern standard deviation. The aspheric IOL exhibited higher MACS in all areas, although a statistically significant difference was reached only in the 20-degree field area (P=0.043).


Aspheric IOLs significantly reduced spherical aberration and HOAs, improving mesopic contrast sensitivity. Although there was a trend toward slightly improved FDT in the aspheric IOL group, it was not statistically significant.

Cataract; Phacoemulsification; Contrast sensitivity; Lenses, intraocular

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