A case report of bilateral choroidal metastases of epithelial carcinoma of pancreas

Um relato de caso de metástases de coroide bilaterais de carcinoma epitelial de pâncreas

Ahmet Burak Bilgin Kadri Cemil Apaydin Mustafa Unal Hatice Deniz Ilhan Elif Betul Turkoglu Nalan Aydin About the authors

A 49-year-old woman with acute loss of vision in her left eye was examined in our clinic. Two months before arriving at out clinic, she was diagnosed with pancreatic endothelial carcinoma. Her visual acuities were 20/20 for the right and 20/200 for the left eye. Fundus examination and fundus fluorescein angiography showed bilateral subretinal solitary mass. Multiple metastases to lung, pleura, liver, spleen, and abdominal lymph nodes were detected during the initial diagnosis. The patient underwent chemotherapy during the period when the visual symptoms were observed. No additional treatment was offered because of the extent of the disease and poor general health. Although pancreatic endothelial carcinoma usually spreads to the abdominal visceral organs and lungs, choroidal metastases are rarely observed.

Choroidal neoplasms/secondary; Neoplasms metastasis; Pancreatic neoplasms

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