Clinical correlation between structural and functional assessment in glaucoma: Armaly cup to disk ratio and Brusini glaucoma staging system

Adriana Chaves de Oliveira Flávia Chaves de Oliveira Marcos Bottene Villa Albers Ralph Cohen Niro Kasahara About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the correlation between Armaly's structural systems with Brusini's functional staging in glaucomatous patients. METHODS: Seventy-eight eyes of forty-two patients with primary open-angle glaucoma underwent visual field testing with the Humphrey Field Analyzer II (program SITA 24-2) and optic disc evaluation with the 78D Volk lens by two independent observers. Optic disc was stratified according to cup/disc ratio (C/D), from 0.1 to 1.0. Mean deviation (MD) and pattern standard deviation (PSD) values from each eye were plotted on Brusini's staging system to derive a value for glaucoma severity. Both cup/disc ratio and Brusini's values were plotted on a diagram to assess correlation (Spearman's rho correlation coefficient). Armaly's values were logged in a logarithmic figure and the data plotted on a diagram with Brusini's values for each patient. RESULTS: Armaly's and Brusini's systems dysplayed a poor correlation (rho=0.340). Both unlogged and logged, Armaly's versus Brusini's plots resulted in a linear and weak correlation. CONCLUSION: Despite the weak correlation, Armaly's structural system and Brusini's staging system provided non-independent measures for glaucoma evaluation.

Glaucoma; Glaucoma; Visual fields; Perimetry

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