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Use of intraorbital Polietigel® in a patient with progressive hemifacial atrophy: case report

The purpose is to report the case of a patient with progressive hemifacial atrophy assisted at the Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu-UNESP: a 43-year-old white woman, complained of left progressive hemifacial and orbital fat atrophy starting 10 years ago. Pain was in the orbito-palpebral region and there was also visual impairment. Tomography confirmed the clinical hypothesis and the treatment was done using Polietigel® injected into the orbital cavity with good results. The authors propose Polietigel® to treat enophthalmos in Parry-Romberg's syndrome.

Enophthalmos; Visual acuity; Facial hemiatrophy; Polyethylene

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