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Comparative study between theoretical values and experimental results of concrete elasticity modulus produced with different types of coarse aggregate

Antonio Carlos dos Santos Angela Maria de Arruda Turibio José da Silva Paula de Carvalho Palma Vitor About the authors


The elastic modulus is an important property for professionals in the construction industry, since its value is crucial for deformation control. This study evaluates the elastic modulus of three different classes of concrete (C20, C30 and C40), produced with two lithologic types of rocks, basalt and dolomite, from the Triângulo Mineiro region, Brazil. In the experimental study, 324 cylindrical test specimens were cast. The experimental results of the elastic modulus were compared to six formulations proposed in four concrete norms and codes: ABNT NBR 6118, version 2007 and 2014, ACI 318, EUROCODE 2, FIB Model Code and IBRACON (2003). The elastic modulus values obtained with the formulation proposed by FIB Model Code (2010) and ABNT NBR 6118 (2014) were closest to the experimental results of this study.

Elastic modulus; Coarse aggregate; Concrete

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