Renal function in dogs treated with therapeutic dosages of flunixin meglumine and ketoprofen during the trans and pos-operatory period

It has been reported in the literature several clinical cases of renal failure after the use of flunixin meglumine in normal healthy dogs. Based on these reports this study was developed to evaluate the renal function of normal healthy dogs. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine were measured in four groups of 5 dogs submitted to a single surgical procedure. Two groups received flunixin meglumine and the other two ketoprofen, both in therapeutic dosages. The results showed values of BUN and serum creatinine within normal range for dogs. It is fair to conclude that flunixin meglumine and ketoprofen do not produce renal failure when administered during the peri-operative period in normal healthy dogs.

Liver; Kidney; Antiinflammatory drugs

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