Evaluation of the donor site after liposuction with a syringe in rabbits

Avaliação da zona doadora após lipoaspiração com seringa em coelhos

Victor Araujo Felzemburgh Victor Luiz Correia Nunes José Humberto Oliveira Campos About the authors

PURPOSE: To evaluate the donor site of adipocytes as well as histopathological alterations secondary to liposuction. METHODS: All animals underwent liposuction with a syringe on the right side of the back. While the left side of the back was used as control and did not undergo intervention. The 10 rabbits were divided into two groups A and B according the postoperative day which were submitted to euthanasia: 90 and 120 days. All adipose tissue from the donor site was analyzed and compared with the control macroscopic and light microscopy. Tissues were weighed and analyzed searching for histological changes and late inflammatory response to trauma such as fibrosis, fat necrosis and inflammation and macrophage infiltration. RESULTS: There was wide variation in adipose tissue volume between the experimental and the control on macroscopic analysis. The presence of histopathological changes was found in two samples at 90 days. CONCLUSIONS: There was a relationship between the presence of fibrosis with the weight and number of days after liposuction surgery in rabbits. The study show macroscopic difference between control and experiment sides in all rabbits.

Adipose Tissue; Lipectomy; Back; Rabbits

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