Experimental model in the qualitative and quantitative assessment of non-Helicobacter gastric microflora under proton pump inhibitors action

Modelo experimental na avaliação qualitativa e quantitativa da microflora gástrica não-Helicobacter sob ação de inibidores de bomba de próton

PURPOSE: To evaluate models of gastric material collection from Wistar rats with and without using proton pump inhibitors(PPIs). METHODS: Twenty-four rats underwent intraperitoneal omeprazol treatment, and other 12 received similar treatment with 0.9% saline. All animals underwent collection of gastric material samples, after stomach removal, by either biopsies, or aspirates, or swabs. Samples were bacteriologically processed in order to identify species and strains. Values are described as natural logarithm of colony former units per mL [Ln(CFU/mL)]. Kruskal-Wallis and Mann-Whitney non-parametric tests were used, and p<0.05 was set as statistically significant. RESULTS: Significant difference was not seen for Ln (UFC/mL) values among the three methods of collection irrespective of using or not omeprazol. Also, significant difference was not seen in Ln (UFC/mL) values when comparing a method with each others, either using omeprazol or placebo. A significant increase of bacteria strains occurred when PPI was used, and this was seen on the three ways of collection, mainly in biopsy and swab. CONCLUSION: No difference occurred among the three methods of collecting bacteria samples from stomachs of rats, either when using placebo or omeprazol. A remarkable change is seen on animals bacterial microflora when PPIs are used, and bacteria are better identified when swab and biopsy are used.

Proton Pumps. Models; Animal. Rats; Wistar

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