The use of polidioxanone and poliamide sutures in rabbit's tenorraphy

OBJECTIVE: comparative study between the mechanical properties of the tenorraphies with poliamida (nylon) and polidioxanone (PDS). METHODS: 56 adult, male, New Zealand rabbits were used, distributed in two groups and four sub groups: GIA-tenorraphies with polidioxanone and evaluation after two weeks; GIB-tenorraphies with polidioxanone and evaluation after four weeks; GIIA-tenorraphies with nylon and evaluation after two weeks; GIIB-tenorraphies with nylon and evaluation after four weeks. Traction tests were done in tenorraphies of the rabbits. RESULTS: after fifteen days nylon presented as results of the mechanical tests, superior values that the one of PDS for maximum load, rigidity coefficient, deformation, deformation in the proportionality limit, load in the proportionality limit, that were the variable analysed. CONCLUSION: after thirty days there was not significant difference between nylon and PDS.

Tendons; Polidioxanone; Poliamide; Rabbit's

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