Manometric and radiographic evaluation of transduodenal sphincteroplasty (papillary dilation) in dogs

Avaliação manométrica e radiográfica da esfincteroplastia transduodenal (dilatação papilar) em cães

PURPOSE: To evaluate, in dogs, the functions of biliary sphincter subjected to dilation hydrostatic balloon by the point of view of the radiographic and manometric alterations. METHODS: Twenty dogs were submitted to laparotomy, duodenotomy, and enlargement of the major duodenal papilla- GA(n=10) - with balloon of 8mm inflated with pressure of 0,5atm, during 2 minutes or to the sham procedure - GB(n=10). The computadorized manometry and the cholangiography were done before and immediately after the initial procedure, one and four weeks after the dilation or the sham. It was calculated from the radiographic images: the mean, standard deviation, absolute and percentual variation of the diameter measures of the papilla. It was measured: the basal pressure in the papilla region, the contraction amplitudes and the choledoc pressure in all observation times (t0, t7 and t28). RESULTS: There was not differences in the diameter measures of the papilla in t0 (GA=5,14 +/- 1,1) (GB=4,64 +/-0,9), as well as in the absolute (0,14 mm) or relative (-2,7%) variations. In the animals of GA the papilla basal pressure measure was found to be smaller in t28 (11,1) than in t0 (18,6) and t7 (16,2). The contraction amplitudes measures were significantly smaller in the postoperatory times (post-t0, t7 and t28) when comparing to the initial time (pre-t0), in the animals of groups A and B. The average pressure values in the choledoc were also smaller in t28 (7,5) than in t0 (17,8) and t7 (12,6) in the animals of GA. CONCLUSION: the function of the major duodenal papilla is partially commited with the dilation, therefore it provoked the basal pressure decrease and compromising of the capacity of sphincter in its cyclical contractions up to the 28 days of observation.

Sphincterotomy; Transhepatic; Balloon Dilatation; Sphincter of Oddi; Cholangiography

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