Comparative study of the anesthesia in dogs with propofol or thionembutal

Jairo Vaidergorn Ana Lúcia Machado Yara Juliano Karen Ferreira Patella Gláucia Mansur Reimão Thaís Balderrama Piedade Renata Lin About the authors

The authors compared the use of propofol and thionembutal in dogs with respect to the heart and respiratory rate and the presence of the following occurrences: apnea, tremor, bradycardia, tachycardia, tachypnea and cardiac arrest. A hundred dogs, in good general conditions, were selected and randomly chosen to be anaesthetized with propofol or thionembutal and parameters were monitored according to the objective of the study. There is a significant importance regarding dog’s apnea and tremor in both groups which are, comparatively smaller with propofol. Propofol has showed to be a safer drug to anaesthetize dogs than thionembutal.

Propofol; Dogs

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