Experimental model for learning in vascular surgery and microsurgery: esophagus and trachea of chicken

Modelo para o aprendizado experimental em cirurgia e microcirurgia vascular: esôfago e traquéia de frango

PURPOSE: This paper proposes a model of training surgical skills using vascular anastomosis in an animal model that simulates the size, consistency and resistance arteries and veins, to use it to chicken trachea and esophagus, respectively. METHODS: We used chicken necks where the esophagus and trachea were dissected and after preparation were followed every step of the procedure of vascular anastomosis. The flow of the anastomosis was confirmed by direct observation and testing of filling (empty-and-refill test) immediately after the anastomosis. RESULTS: All samples proved to be viable by the criteria described above. CONCLUSION: For the first time presents an interesting experimental model used to train vascular sutures, because it is endowed with all the necessary requirements for the learning of experimental vascular surgery.

Anastomosis, Surgical; Microsurgery; Sutures; Esophagus; Trachea

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