Urethral reconstruction with autogenous buccal mucosa graft following urethrostomy in dogs

PURPOSE: To verify if the buccal mucosa autogen would be suitable for urethral reconstruction in a presence of fibrous tissue and if the procedures could determine the formation of fistulas and saculation at the receptor sites. METHODS: Seven adult dogs was subjected to pre-escrotal uretrostomy. After 40 days, the urethrostomy was corrected through the inplantation of the buccal mucosa fragments at ventral wall of the urethra. The dogs were observed during 40 days, when, it were subjected to radiografic examination and slaughtered to histological study. RESULTS: All animals showed cystitis and urethrocutaneous fistula in average time of 20 days. The radiografic aspects at 40 days showed: luminal continuity in seven animals and saculations at ventral wall of the urethra in six dogs, without interference in urinary jet quality. The histologic findings indicate the complete integration of the buccal mucosa to receiver site. CONCLUSION: The graft implanted at ventral wall, employing autogen buccal mucosa is suitable to correction of the urethral defects produced by urethrostomy in dogs, although saculations on receiver site can happen.

Dogs; Mouth mucosa; Transplantation, homologous; Urethra

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