Scientific publishing: the two faces - analogic and digital

The Brazilian Association for the Scientific Editors (ABEC) promoted in September, 2004, the III Workshop for the Scientific Editors in Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil. The main focus was in the way that the scientific knowledge needs to be spread out : analogical or digital. However, the financial support for the production and the divulgation of this knowledge was also discussed. In the production it was agreed that it is made in the research institutes; universities and scientific societies. It has been observed a trend towards the electronic management of the publishing steps and the divulgation. Especially because a lower cost and greater facility; if the human resources of the information sciences are available; however, both form of publishing (analogical and digital) are expected to live side by side for some time to come. It was presented an idea of an electronic site for the scientific editors, with the safety of digital certification, where the authors could send their manuscript in an easier way. The scientific paper selection would be made by the editorial board of several scientific journals, which would provide some orientation for the authors in how to improve those manuscripts. It is hoped that this approach would allow an increase in the divulgation of science, especially the one produced in the university post graduation courses. It was evident, throughout the meeting the essentiality of the knowledge production as basic element for the evolution of the human society.

Publishing; Electronic publishing

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