The effect of zoledronate on bone remodeling during the healing process

Os efeitos do zoledronato na remodelação óssea durante o processo de reparação

PURPOSE: To check the effect of zoledronate in bone remodeling during bone healing. METHODS: Thirty rabbits were divided into two groups of fifteen animals each (control and experimental group respectively). Shaft osteotomy was performed on the cranial portion of the fibula of each animal. In the experimental group, a single dose of 0.04mg/kg of zoledronate was administered. In the control group, the same volume of bi-distilled water was administered. After one, two and four weeks, animals of both groups were killed and histological sections of the fibular metaphyseal area were examined histomorphometrically. The parameters analyzed were tissue volume (TV), fractional trabecular bone volume (BV/TV) and fractional medullary fibrous volume (FbV/TV). RESULTS: Tissue volume increased in the experimental group (237.2mm².10-2) compared to the control (166.62mm².10-2). Trabecular bone volume was significantly larger in the experimental (60.2%) than in the control group (34.8%).The amount of fibrosis volume decreased in the experimental group (22%) compared to the control (49.4%). CONCLUSION: The effect of zoledronate is characterized by accentuated stimulus of bone formation in the metaphyseal area, resulting in a larger amount of trabecular bone volume and little fibrosis volume.

Diphosphonates; Bone and bones; Metabolism; Osteotomy

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