Comparative study of the biocompatibility of the porcine intestinal submucosa and bovine pericardium used as grafts in the inferior cava vein of dogs

PURPOSE: To compare the biocompatibility of the bovine pericardium and the small intestine submucosa (SIS) when used to repair a created defect in the inferior vena cava of dogs. METHODS: Sixteen male mongrel dogs were submitted to a midline laparotomy incision. An elliptical segment (1,5 X 3,0 cm) of the inferior vena cava, below the renal veins, was excised. In 8 dogs, the A group, a patch of porcine small bowel submucosa was used to repair the defect. In the 8 remaining dogs, the B group, a bovine pericardium was implanted in the vena cava. On the 30th post-operative day an ultrasound was performed in order to identify stenosis. The euthanasia was accomplished in the 40th post-operative day. Stenosis of the vein was observed in 1 dog of A group and in 2 of the B group. RESULTS: Partial thrombosis with collateral circulation was evidenced in 1 dog of the bovine pericardium group. A moderated chronic inflammatory process was evidenced in both groups. Microscopic evaluation, regarding endothelization of the implant, collagen deposition, smooth muscle growth, was similar in both groups. CONCLUSION: SIS proved to be a functional graft patch for possessing local vena cava remodeling and its biocompatibility was similar to bovine pericardium.

Biomaterial; Small Intestine Submucosa; Bovine Pericardium

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