Long term evaluation of functional and morphological bladder alterations on alloxan-induced diabetes and aging: experimental study in rats

Avaliação funcional e morfológica tardia de alterações na bexiga secundárias ao diabetes induzido por aloxano e no envelhecimento: estudo experimental em ratos

Antonio Antunes Rodrigues Jr Haylton Jorge Suaid Silvio Tucci Jr Valéria Paula Sassoli Fazan Milton César Foss Adauto José Cologna Antonio Carlos Pereira Martins About the authors

PURPOSE: to evaluate structural and functional effects of Alloxan- induced diabetes and aging on bladder of rats. METHODS: evaluations were performed in three groups: A - 8 weeks of age, B - 44 weeks of age, C - 44 weeks of age with alloxan-induced diabetes. Muscle layer thickness, extracellular matrix fibrosis and collagen were quantified on digital images of bladder samples. Cystometric evaluations before surgical vesical denervation (SVD), included maximum cystometric capacity (MCC), maximum bladder pressure (MBP), bladder contraction frequency (VCF), duration of bladder contraction (DC), threshold pressure (TP) and bladder compliance (BC). After SVD, maximum cystometric capacity (MCC), BC and maximum urethral closing pressure (MUCP) were also measured. RESULTS: Reduced extracellular matrix fibrosis concentration and contraction strength were found in the bladders of group C. Before SVD, bladder compliance was not different between groups. Alterations were observed in MCC after SVD. CONCLUSIONS: We did not notice smooth muscle hypertrophy in Alloxan-induced diabetic rats after 44 weeks. There was alteration in the total and relative amount of fibrosis and collagen. The cystometric studies support the idea that this morphological alterations are important to determine the different bladder functional patterns found in the aging and the Alloxan-induced diabetic animals.

Aging; Diabetes; Muscle Layer; Extracellular Matrix; Cystometry; Bladder

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