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The effect of glucantime™ on the labeling of blood constituents with technetium-99m

Efeito do glucantime™ na marcação de constituintes do sangue com tecnécio-99m

Cecília Maria Carvalho Xavier Holanda Rodrigo Carvalho Holanda Leite Maria Teresa Jansem Catanho Grace Maria Lima Souza Mário Bernardo Filho About the authors

PURPOSE: The labeling of red blood cells (C) with 99mTc is employed in clinical nuclear medicine for a variety of diagnostic procedures. Drugs can alter this labeling method and modify the disposition of the radiopharmaceuticals. In this paper, the influence of glucantime on the labeling of blood constituents with 99mTc was reported. METHODS: Blood was withdrawn from rats and incubated with glucantime. Stannous chloride and 99mTc were added. After centrifugation, plasma (P) and (C) were isolated. Samples of P and C were precipitated with TCA 5%, centrifuged and insoluble (IF) and soluble fractions (SF) separated. The percentages of total activity injected (%ATI) in C, IF-P and IF-C were calculated (p<0.05). RESULTS: The %ATI on C decreased from control to following concentrations of glucantime (6.25%;12.5%;25%;50%;100%), respectively: 94.06±1.29 (control) to 77.15±2.79; to 76.68±1.88; to 75.15±2.79; to 72.64±4.40 and to 63.05±3.84. On IF-C the %ATI decreased from control to all the concentrations of glucantime (3.125%;6.25%;12.5%;25%;50%; 100%), respectively: 93.34±1.18 (control) to 78.81±2.76; to 74.76±4.82; to 74.02±5.32; to 64.35±4.82; to 62.81±1.97 and to 54.55±3.58. CONCLUSIONS: This effect was probably due to products present in this drug that may complex with ions (Sn+2 and 99mTcO-4) or have a direct or indirect effect on intracellular stannous ion concentration.

Glucantime™; Radionuclides; Sodium Pertechnetate; Technetium-99m; Stannous Chloride and Red Blood Cells

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