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Evaluation of the macroscopic growth degree of experimental endometriosis in rats

Avaliação do grau de crescimento macroscópico da endometriose experimental em ratos

PURPOSE: To evaluate macroscopically the growth degree of self-transplantation of endometriosis in rats. METHODS: Forty female rats, after a 7-day period for adpating and evaluating of the estrous cycle regularity, underwent tail abdominal midline laparotomy with 3-cm cuts. The average third of the left uterine horn was removed, 4mm x 4mm patches in liquid environment were made, and self-transplanted in the rat mesenterium with a single stitch, and the endometrial surface of the endometriotic implant facing the lumen of the peritoneal cavity. The rats were programmed to die after three weeks. The abdominal cavity displaying was held and self-transplants were identified and classified. RESULTS: The results achieved were: one case for degree 0 (2,5%), three cases for degree 1 (7,5%), eleven cases for degree II (27,5%) and twenty-five cases for degree III (62,5%). CONCLUSION: The experimental endometriosis development, through the self-transplantation technique, showed to be most common in degrees 3 and 2 of development.

Endometriosis; Animal Experimentation

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