Clinical and regulatory protocol for the treatment of jaundice in adults and elderly subjects: a support for the health care network and regulatory system

Protocolo clínico e de regulação para o tratamento de icterícia no adulto e idoso: subsídio para as redes assistenciais e o complexo regulador

José Sebastião dos Santos Rafael Kemp Ajith Kumar Sankarankutty Wilson Salgado Júnior Fernanda Fernandes Souza Andreza Correa Teixeira Guilherme Viana Rosa Orlando Castro-e-Silva About the authors

PURPOSE: Clinical interventions and controlled access to the health care system can be improved by a Regulatory System (RS) and Clinical and Regulatory Protocols (CRPs). The objective of the present paper is to present the methodology used for elaborating the CRPs. METHODS: The process used to elaborate the CPRs involved a scientific co-operation between university and health care system. Workshops were held and attended by primary care practitioners, RS team, and matrix team (university specialists supporting primary care practitioners). RESULTS: The treatment of jaundice in adults and elderly subjects is amongst the themes selected for elaborating the CRPs since jaundice is a medical sign frequently seen in four clinical scenarios involving distinctive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions which can be performed in different health care settings. Evaluation guidelines as well as the clinical and regulatory procedures were established for different health care settings. The most relevant clinical and regulatory interventions were expressed as algorithms in order to facilitate the use of CRPs by health care practitioners. CONCLUSION: It is expected that the implementation of this protocol will minimise the imbalance between the icteric patients' needs and the treatment modalities being offered, thus contributing to a more co-operative health care network.

Clinical and Regulatory Protocols; Guidelines; Regulatory Systems; Medical Regulation; Jaundice; Unified Health System

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