Cervical esophagus-esophageal anastomosis by invagination versus a single extramucosal plane, in dogs

Amaury José Teixeira Nigro Neil Ferreira Novo Yara Juliano About the authors

The objective of our study was to verify the efficacy of cervical esophagus-esophageal anastomoses by invagination compared to execution by a single extramucosal plane. Sixty healthy mongrel dogs of both sexes with a medium body weight of 15 kg. were separated into two groups. Group I: anastomosis by invagination and group II: Anastomosis using one plane of extramucosal suture. Each group was divided into three equal subgroups based on post-operative time periods of 7, 14 and 30 days. In Group I the tunica adventitia and muscle were removed, exposing a 2 cm. long tubular segment of submucosa-mucosa which was maintained in cntinuity with the proximal cervical stump. In Group II all the tunica adventitia of the cervical esophagus was extirpated with the same length of resection as in Group I. The esophageal stumps were approximated with 4-0 polypropylene sutures in a single extramucosal plane but in group I, the submucosa-mucosa were previously invaginated into the interior of the caudal esophageal stump. The incidence of early and late post-operative complications and histological characteristics of the process at each site of the anastomoses were evaluted. Statistical analysis of the data verified that fistula at the suture site was not observed in any dog in the experimental series using the invagination method and a partial stenosis was observed in only one dog. On the other hand, the dogs submitted to cervical esophagus-esophageal anastomoses in a single extramucosal plane presented with 13% fistula and 30% stenosis. The healing of the structure of the esophageal wall at the level of the anastomosis was significantly improved using invaginatios as compared ti the single plane extramucosal group. It can be conclued that cervical esophagus-esophageal anastomoses by invagination is more efficatious than a single extramucosal plane.

Anastomosis, surgical; Sutures; Esophagus; Dogs

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