Influence of packing, storage and drying process on the results of soil chemical analysis related to soil fertility

J.C. Chitolina N.A.da Glória A.E. Boaretto P.R. Curi About the authors

Soil samples were chemically analysed to verify the influence of packing (card box or poliethylene bag), storage (1-32 days) and drying process (in the open air or at 60°C). The types of soil under consideration were "Terra Roxa Estruturada" and Dark Red B Latosolic sand phase. The drying process was the most important factor affecting analytical results of pH and phosphorus. The storage showed importance only to phosphorus, and the packing process had no influence in the results. Variations on the level of soil fertility were also obtained. Statistical analysis applied on the results showed that drying is the main factor affecting the chemical analysis, especially related to pH and exchangeable phosphorus content.

Soil chemical analysis; drying; storage and packing of soil samples

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