Quantities of nutrients removed by the fruits of four mango varieties

Quantities of nutrients removed by the harvest of mango fruits (Mangifera indica L.) of four varieties (Haden, Sensation, Tommy-Atkins and Edward) are presented. The orchard was nine years old, situated on an alfison in Piracicaba, SP, Brazil. The fruits were harvested 39, 55, 97, 108, 125 and 144 days from the initial stage of growth. The fruits were rinsed, dried, weighed, and analyzed for nutrient content by laboratory conventional methods. The authors concluded: Fruit growth followed the decreasing order: Edward, Haden, Tommy-Atkins and Sensation; The total amount of nutrients (macro and micronutrients) removed by each variety for the production of 15,000kg of fresh fruits by hectare amounted to: Haden 44kg, Sensation 29kg, Tommy-Atkins 40kg and Edward 39kg.

Mangif era indica var. Haden; Sensation; Tommy-Atkins; Edward; nutrient removed; fruits

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