Helicobacter pylori and peptic disease: comparative study of the diagnostic methods

Alaor Caetano Valter Nilton Felix Fernando Tadeu Vanucci Coimbra Arnaldo José Ganc About the authors

Prospective endoscopic study of 150 patients revealed chronic gastritis in 109 (72.6%), gastric ulcer in 6 (4%), chronic duodenitis in 9 (6%) and duodenal ulcer in 26 (17.4%). Searching for Helicobacter pylori, positive urease test was observed in 103 (68.67%), histologic evidence in 104 (69.33%) and positive serologic test in 98 (65.33%), without statistical difference. The urease test is recommended in the diary medical practice, for the patients who also will benefit themselves with the endoscopic diagnosis. On the other hand, the serologic test is useful when the endoscopy of the upper digestive tract cannot or must not be realized.

Helicobacter infections; Serologic tests; Urease

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