Endoscopic and ultrasonographic evaluation before and after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity

Avaliação endoscópica e ultra-sonográfica antes e depois de gastroplastia com derivação intestinal em Y-de-Roux para obesidade mórbida

BACKGROUND: Esophagogastric abnormalities are recognized prior and after bariatric procedures, but frequency and severity are debated. Liver and biliary tract findings are also of clinical importance, especially gallstones and liver steatosis. AIM: To compare pre-operative findings of hepatobiliary ultrasound and upper digestive endoscopy with post-operative results in patients submitted to open Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for morbid obesity. METHODS: A total of 80 patients were enrolled 16.8 ± 12.1 months after operation, all of them on routine follow-up program, and 8 were excluded. Retrospective analysis aimed at pre-operative clinical, endoscopic and ultrasonographic examinations and were prospectively repeated. RESULTS: Pre-operative endoscopical report was available in 42 cases, and 52 examinations were performed post-operatively. Frequency of esophagitis changed from 16.7% (7/42) to 15.4% (8/52), and of gastritis from 45.2% (19/42) to 21.2% (11/52). Gastric or gastrojejunal ulcers were initially present in 4.8% (2/42) and increased to 9.6% (5/52). Post-operatively, an unusual abnormality was silastic band erosion: 7.7% (4/52). Helicobacter pylori was present in 50.0% (21/42) before and 3.5% (2/52) after operation. Ultrasonographic study had been done before intervention in 63 subjects, and 57 were executed on follow-up. Liver steatosis occurred previously in 58.7% (37/63) and in 43.9% (25/57) later on. Only 12.7% (8/63) of the patients had undergone cholecystectomy before bariatric operation, 29.1%(16/55) suffered simultaneous resection of gallbladder because of stones during Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and an additional 26.8% (10/36) developed gallstones post-operatively. CONCLUSIONS: Liver steatosis did not statistically improve, nor did inflammatory conditions of the upper digestive tube, despite reduction of H. pylori infections; gallbladder stones requiring intervention were common.

Gastric bypass; Obesity, morbid; Gallstones; Anastomosis, Roux-en-Y; Ultrasonics; Endoscopy, digestive system

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